Camps & Programs

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At the Amazing Rainforest, we offer weekly themed summer camps. We ensure a safe and inclusive environment for children to participate in activities such as arts and crafts, outdoor recreation, games, songs, and of course fun learning with our resident reptiles.Our summer camp staff are certified educators who are able to provide programming in both English and French.

Here is a description of the upcoming events planned for Summer 2017:

Week # & Dates DescriptionCost*
July 17 - 21, 2017
  • Lots of Fun (laser tag & rock wall) Orangeville, Ont.
  • Art workshops with children’s book author & illustrator Eric Orchard
  • Visit local parks & splash pads
July 24 - 28, 2017
  • Treetop Trekking, Brampton (3 hours of zip lining and outdoor activities)
  • Art Workshop with children’s book author & illustrator Eric Orchard
  • Visit local parks & splash pads
July 31 - Aug. 4, 2017
  • Putting Edge, Vaughan (glow in the dark mini golf)
  • Art workshop with children’s book author & illustrator Eric Orchard
  • Visit local parks & splash pads
Aug. 8 - 11, 2017
  • Medieval Times, Toronto (lunch & jousting show)
  • Art Workshop with children’s book author & illustrator Eric Orchard
  • Visit local parks & splash pads
Aug 14 - 18, 2017
  • Ripley’s Aquarium, Toronto (full day exploring ocean life & sea creatures)
  • Art Workshop with children’s book author & illustrator Eric Orchard
  • Visit local parks & splash pads
Aug 21 - 25, 2017
  • Ontario Science Centre, Scarborough (full day exploring the world of science)
  • Art workshops with children’s book author & illustrator Eric Orchard
  • BBQ at the local park & splash pads

*Admission and busing fees associated with day trips are included in the weekly camp fee. Our hours are 7:30 am - 6 pm. We do not charge additional extended day fees. Parents with two or more children get a 5% discount on total fees.

What to expect:

During our down time, our staff will organize and play board and card games, reading for 20 minutes per day.

You provide:

You are required to provide lunch as well as 2 snacks each day.
Please bring swim wear and towels for splash pad visits and pack extra clothing and any medical supplies your child/children may need.

Please Note: we will not administer any medicine to your children (except for EpiPen).

Registration has already begun. For more information, please email or call us.

Don't miss out on the amazing fun! We look forward to spending the summer with you!


Become an investigator and discover how the experts solve a crime. Through various labs and a case study, children will learn about Forensic Science, how to collect evidence, examine it and problem solve a mystery. Labs include: Hair ID, Fingerprint Lifting, Dental Impressions, Shoe Impressions, Fibre Analysis, Counterfeit Cheques & Handwriting ID.

LEGO Mania

Lego here, Lego there, Everywhere Lego! Enjoy hours and hours of building with LEGO. Through various building projects and teamwork, children will build tall structures, ships, cities, vehicles that can perform tasks, hold various loads, endure stability tests and exhaust the creativity of young LEGO lovers. Let your imagination go!

Robotix Mindstorm

Explore a new generation of engineers. Using LEGO elements, children will build robots, program them to perform tasks such as: walk, talk, dance, hold a ball and more. MINDSTORMS NXT features the latest in robotic technology: an advanced 32-bit microcontroller, smart sensors and interactive motors. Dream it, build it and make it go!


Build simple circuits or your very own electric Car. Girls and Boys will enjoy creating simple mechanical and battery operated projects out of household objects. GO GADGET GO!

Rainforest Mirror

Rainforest Mirror: Many have come to our Rainforest Salon and loved our Snake, Lemur, Jaguar, Frog and Toucan Mirror. Now children can paint one of their own and take it home. Mirror size approx. 18"X24".


Everyone loves to take pictures. The week focuses on imaging and capture techniques, creativity & concept. Kids will take home a small portfolio of photos and we will have a display during our Friday Gallery Presentation.

Medieval Times

Build a castle, catapults, drawbridges, & a trebuchet. Children will make costumes, perform small skits, and enjoy story telling.

Body Works

Explore the human body and it's systems through hands on experiments like; measuring your lung capacity, reaction time, heart rate and more. Construct models of the lungs, the joints, and make a skull out of clay.

Magic & Illusions

Magic & Illusions: Children will learn about illusions. Learn magic tricks, and provide a magical performance for you.

Roller Coasters

Students will explore the concepts of momentum, velocity, motion (kinetic and potential energy), force etc. by building large roller coasters with clothoid loops, half pipes (with loops), inclined planes (with curves and loops) and ball ramps using recyclable materials.

Scouts & Girl Guides

Rainforest Sleepover Program

Programs are designed to meet specific badges. See below.

  • SPARKS for the Exploring and Experimenting Keeper
  • BROWNIES for the People in Science & Building Up
  • GUIDES for the Science Badge
  • SCOUTS for the Science Badge
  • ALL FAMILIES AND GROUPS for a Sleepover crest

Sleeping Areas

Sleepover participants will sleep in our Rainforest Science Hall. Sleeping areas are assigned by the Sleepover program staff. Washrooms are readily accessible for changing. Please note that we do not have shower facilities and, in true sleepover fashion, all participants will bunk down on the floor to sleep.

Please note: Most sleeping areas are not carpeted and hall is not completely dark due to emergency lighting and reptile home lighting.

Supervision and Security

  • Group Leaders/Organizers are responsible for supervision of their participants
  • The minimum supervision ratio is one adult, leader or supervisor to eight children
  • The Rainforest has special emergency procedures and protocols for overnight events. All Sleepover participants are trained in fire-drill procedures at the beginning of the night
  • Sleepover program staff remain in the building throughout the night in nearby rooms.

Attention Girl Guide Leaders

Download a pre-filled Girl Guides of Canada Emergency Response Plan (SG.4) and the Emergency Response Guidelines Appendix D.

Cost per Child is $35 (tax included)
minimum 12 children is required

Evening Program

6:30-7:00PM Check-In & Free Time
(Racing, Science Hall Explore)
7:00-8:30PM Reptile Show & Hands-On Science Activity
Electricity: make a flashlight or
Music: Taiko Drumming & make a drum
8:30-9:00PM Rainforest Survivor Maze Game
9:00-10:30PM In the Deep Sea – movie & Snack Time (Pizza & Juice)
10:30-11:00PM Sleeping Area Orientation
11:00-11:45PM Bedtime - Lights Out! (as per leader)

Morning Program

Wake Up & Pack-Up
Pancake Breakfast
Racing & Maze Hunt
Clay Animal Mask Making
Reptile Breakfast Feeding
Free Time
11:00AM Sleep Over Ends
& Centre opens to the public