Homework Club

The Homework Club and Tutoring is a unique program where children work on their homework and receive support from an Ontario Certified Teacher. Children work specifically on skills that they are currently working on in school. They work on language and math skills that thread throughout the curriculum. They research and work on upcoming projects in science & social studies. One of the teachers is French and English bilingual aiding senior grade students and French students with their homework. The growing success of the program is due to increasing the child's self-esteem in being ready for the next day and taking pride in their own accomplishments. As a result, children learn to monitor their learning, their time and their work through constant use of their agenda. This creates a constant routine that we hope they will carry through their educational career. Parents now could have time to spend in pleasure reading with their children, family time and extra curricular activities.

Benefits of homework

  • Helps develop good study habits
  • With Teacher support, solidifies concepts
    learned throughout the day
  • Promotes the learning of personal responsibility
  • Helps develop organizational skills
    and independent work habits
  • Provides a communication link
    between home and school
  • Promotes lifelong learning

Homework May Include:

Grades 4-8

  • Pleasurable reading
  • Drill and practice of reading, writing and math skills
  • Collection of materials and resources
  • Complete classroom assignments
  • Major projects
  • Preparation of oral presentations
  • Studying for tests
  • Maintenance of agenda book
  • Strategy games
  • Computer time (Research etc)